4 of the Best (and Worst) Gifts For Women For Under $20

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It’s approaching crunch time. If you’re planning on completing your holiday shopping online, it’s getting pretty close to the point where you have to get those orders in so they’ll arrive before Christmas. And as December 25 approaches, you’ll find the stores more and more packed with procrastinators looking to last-minute shop for everyone on their lists.

Some people are much harder to shop for than others. There’s the person who has everything, the picky person, and that person on your Christmas list who likes really obscure and strange collectibles. Some of the women on your list may create a rift in your shopping plans as well. With women’s clothing sizes fluctuating from brand to brand (and store to store), and with trends and styles changing constantly, it can be tough to find presents that the ladies on your list will enjoy.

Plus, even if you do find those prefect gifts for her — like the perfect pair of diamond earrings, for instance — you may end up having to pay an arm and a leg (and a whole paycheck), to buy what you “think” she wants. Surprisingly, less than 50% of women say they want jewelry for a holiday gift.

We’ve created a list of affordable, covetable gifts under $20 for the ladies. The list is based on a Credit Donkey survey of what women want for Christmas and reviews and ratings from Amazon.com.

4. Home goods or decor (think picture frames or figurines)

Credit Donkey found that household gifts are among the most desired gifts among women, with 62.7% of women surveyed saying they’d want something for the home under their tree. You can also purchase many of these decorative accessories and keepsakes for under the $20 price point.


On Amazon, Malden sun washed picture frames are highly rated and come in three cottage chic colors. So, that may just be a great gift idea for those looking for an inexpensive gift she will love.

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3. Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts also sit near the top of the list of gifts women want, with 63.9% of females saying they’d love a homemade gift for the holidays. Whether it’s a collage, a handmade card, food, or something you paint or decorate, homemade gifts show that you care enough to take the time to create a present for your loved one.

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2. Clothing that’s not size specific (think scarf, hat, or gloves)

More than 70% of women say they want clothing as a present for the holidays. But, buying clothes for another person can be almost impossible because you can’t really know exactly how that article of clothing is going to fit unless that person tries the item on.

But, you can still buy that special lady on your list something she doesn’t have to try on. Amazon has a variety of high-rated, stylish 3-piece sets for under $20. You can also get away with buying some other clothing items — like slippers or robes — without worrying about perfect sizing.

Source: Thinkstock
Source: Thinkstock

1. A gift card

“Perhaps the versatility of the gift cards, combined with the thrill of being able to shop without actually spending money, has made them a desirable item for female respondents,” reports the Credit Donkey survey. Gift cards are the single most desired item by women, with 84.8% of women saying that a gift card would be their choice gift this holiday season. You can go with a general purpose card — like a Visa or MasterCard — or with a retailer-specific card for a store you know your recipient will love.

What not to buy for a woman

Based on survey responses, Credit Donkey found that these were the items that did not fare well with the ladies:

  • Movies, with only 34% of women who said they’d want a movie as a holiday gift.
  • Music (30%)
  • Toys (14%)
  • Sporting goods (14%)

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