15 Favorite 1980s Toys That Could Be Worth a Fortune

If you were a child of the 1980s or if you know someone who was, you probably are familiar with some pretty legendary toys from back then. Some of these toys may now be considered collectibles and could fetch a pretty penny. If you held onto any of your 1980s toys, read on. You may find you have a goldmine right under your nose — one popular toy now sells for $2,500. If you didn’t save your toys, don’t feel bad. Most of us didn’t. You can still take a look at these nostalgic gems and enjoy the walk down memory lane.

1. Easy Bake Oven

  • Price on eBay: $50

Many a kid in the 1980s made it their life’s mission to get their hands on an Easy-Bake oven. The original toy used an incandescent light bulb as a heat source. The commercial made the little frosted cakes look downright easy and delicious to boot. A much-upgraded Easy-Bake version is sold today, called the Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition, but if you want the good-old-fashioned version back from 1983, you can pick it up through eBay for $50.
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2. Game Boy

Nintendo Gameboy
Kids today don’t even know what these are. | eBay
  • Price on eBay: $72.99

Children of the 1980s will easily remember the Game Boy, an 8-bit handheld game manufactured by Nintendo and released in the United States in 1989, selling for $89.99 back then. The console, which ran on AA batteries, has been credited with bringing the popular puzzle game Tetris to the masses. Game Boy and its successor, Game Boy Color, sold more than 118 million units worldwide. A restored Game Boy runs $72.99 on eBay.
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3. Michael Jackson Superstar of the ’80s doll

Michael Jackson Doll
They sell for a variety of prices. | eBay
  • Price on eBay: $79.98

It was hard to get through the 1980s without hearing Michael Jackson’s hits on the radio or seeing his videos on the new sensation MTV. Many kids and teenagers alike wanted to sing, dress, and of course, dance like the King of Pop. A “Superstar of the 80s” Michael Jackson doll, still in the sealed box, can be yours today through eBay for $79.98.
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4. My Buddy doll

My Buddy Doll
The My Buddy doll broke gender norms. | Etsy
  • Price on Etsy: $89.99

The plush doll with the red overalls and rainbow-striped sleeves was well known among kids of the 1980s. Those folks today can easily replay the My Buddy commercial jingle in their heads. The Hasbro toy was both innovative and controversial when it came out in 1985, as dolls were traditionally associated with girls. A vintage My Buddy doll sells on Etsy for $89.99.
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5. Optimus Prime Transformer action figure

Transformers are still going strong today. | eBay
  • Price on eBay: $100

In the Transformers films, video games, and comic books, the never-ending battle was between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Kids of the ’80s loved the action figures and could quickly change them from robots to vehicles and back again. Today, a vintage Optimus Prime Transformer figure from 1982 goes for $100 on eBay.
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6. Teddy Ruxpin

A new one can snag you over $100. | CraigslistGarageSale‏ via Twitter
  • Price on eBay: $110

You may remember Teddy Ruxpin, the talking toy bear whose mouth opened when “reading” stories that were played on an audio cassette deck built into his back. Ruxpin was the best-selling toy of 1985 and 1986. A companion toy, Grubby, was also sold. A cartoon based on the characters debuted in 1986. In 1995, the toy sold for $69.99. Today, a new Teddy Ruxpin in the box from 1985 sells for $110 on eBay.
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7. Little People Family House

  • Price on eBay: $125

Although the look of them has changed, Little People have remained a classic toy over many decades. Once their kids outgrow them, many parents decide to hold onto these Fisher Price timeless toys for their own grandkids in the distant future. If you have one tucked away in the attic or basement, they just might be worth a pretty penny. A vintage Little People Brown Tudor Family House set, in the original box, sells for $125 on eBay.
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8. G.I. Joe Motorized Offensive Battle Attack Tank

  • Price on eBay: $149.99

Hasbro released this U.S. armed forces-themed line of action figures in 1982. Back then, when video games were at a much more primitive stage, kids would play for hours on end with this popular line of 3.75-inch soldiers and tanks. Two things about G.I. Joe you probably didn’t know: “G.I.” stands for “government issue.” Also, the term “action figure” actually got its name from the development of G.I. Joe.
A brand new, unopened G.I. Joe Motorized Offensive Battle Attack Tank can be yours from eBay for $149.99. Included are the figures Heavy Duty and Thunderwing.
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9. Rainbow Brite doll

  • Price on eBay: $150

Mattel started selling Rainbow Brite dolls in 1984, and the colorful, blond character quickly became a pop-culture icon around which a franchise still exists today. As the story goes, Rainbow Brite originated as a girl named Wisp who came to a dismal planet where color and happiness had been destroyed. She made friends there and returned light and hope to the world.
These days, you can get an unopened, vintage Rainbow Brite doll through eBay for $150.
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10. Cabbage Patch Kids dolls

Cabbage patch kids doll
A vintage doll can earn you big bucks. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images
  • Price on eBay: $179

Cabbage Patch Kids brand dolls became one of the most popular toy fads of the 1980s. First sold by Coleco in 1982 and priced at around $25, the dolls became a must-have toy destined to go under many a Christmas tree. Parents flocked to stores in search of them, with fights occasionally erupting amongst shoppers.
Nowadays, you don’t have to fight your way through a store for one of these iconic Xavier Roberts dolls. A new, vintage 1985 Cabbage Patch Kid can be yours from eBay for $179.
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11. 1984 Care Bear doll

Cupcake carebear
The originals will score you big. | zeppy.io cupcakes‏ via Twitter
  • Price on eBay: $200

Like Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite, Care Bears originated as characters on greeting cards. They too were later turned into toys, and in TV shows and movies. In 1983, Kenner turned Care Bears into plush teddy bears. Each bear comes in a different color with a special marking on its belly that represents its personality. If your Care Bears have long ago gone by the wayside, threre’s still hope for getting a vintage one: A 1984 My First Care Bear in the box, neve opened, sells on eBay for $200.
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12. Glitter and Gold Jem doll

  • Price on eBay: $200

Jem and the Holograms was a popular cartoon series that ran from 1985-1988. The show is about music company owner Jessica Benton, her singer alter-ego Jem, and her band called the Holograms. Jerrica often struggles to keep the two identities separate as she tries to protect her holographic company from bad guys. If your beloved Jem doll is long gone and you want another one, it may be pricey, but you can find a new Jem Glitter and Gold doll on eBay for $200.
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13. 1983 Strawberry Shortcake Doll House

Strawberry Shortcake house
In case you’re looking to spend over $1000 on a dollhouse. | eBay
  • Price on eBay: $1,200

The first Strawberry Shortcake doll was manufactured in 1979, modeled after a successful series of American Greetings cards. The dolls, doll houses, and accessories rose in popularity in the 1980s. Many people have fond childhood memories of growing up with these sweet-smelling dolls. Remakes of the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls have been sold by stores like Toys “R” Us.
For those wishing to acquire a piece of nostalgia from the 1980s, a vintage Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home doll house can be yours through eBay for $1,199.99. According to the packaging, “This is where Strawberry Shortcake and Custard live. A ‘berry’ beautiful five room house with a special selection of delightful furniture.” The stucco-type house features a trellis with strawberries, front porch swing, mailbox that really opens, by windows, upstairs bedroom sun deck, and even a pink skylight on the roof. Furniture and dolls not included.
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14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures

Teenage mutant ninja turtle action figure
The action figure is calling for a huge chunk of cash. | eBay
  • Price on eBay: $1,695

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were four heroic fictional turtles named after Renaissance Italian artists and trained in ninjutsu. They lived in New York City sewers and battled evil criminals and aliens – and like many superheroes, they attempted to remain hidden from society. The characters originated in comic books, but soon starred in cartoons, films, video games, and toys. Their popularity began in the late 1980s and remained into the 1990s.
A 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo action figure runs $1,695 on eBay. A little searching will also bring up the likes of the same action figure for Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael, at the same or similar price.
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15. 1986 Masters of the Universe Play Set

  • Price on eBay: $2,500

Children of the 80s will remember the heroic He-Man and his evil nemesis, Skeletor, on the planet Eternia. These characters and others were part of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Any kid back then was indeed familiar with the wide variety of products including action figures, cartoon shows, and several comic book series.
This vintage Mattel 1986 He-Man Masters of the Universe Eternia play set can be yours on eBay for $2,499.99. “The ultimate battleground comes to life!” the package boasts. Featured are three Titanic Towers connected by a motorized monorail system, including three different tram vehicles.

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