10 Most Popular Cars in America’s Most Affluent Areas

It appears that if someone lives in one of the 10 wealthiest zip codes in the United States, that person would drive one of three cars: a Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), a Mercedes-Benz, or interestingly, a Jeep (FIATY.PK). That’s according to some in-depth research conducted by Edmunds.com senior analyst Jessica Caldwell, who compiled a list of the wealthiest zip codes and determined what the most popular car in each region was.

The article was intended to showcase the permeation of the Tesla Model S in the areas with the highest concentrations of wealth, and while it did so, it also shed some light on some interesting phenomena: Cars from BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, and so on were nowhere to be found. And while the Model S is often critiqued for being a toy for the wealthy, it seems to be performing that task very well, as it is the most-registered car in eight of the 25 most expensive zip codes in the U.S.

Here’s a look at the wealthiest 10 zip codes and the most registered cars in each location. Note: this list is broken down by zip code, so cities with more than one wealthy neighborhood making the cut — New York, for example — are listed more than once.


10. New York, New York — Jeep Wrangler

Zip code 10012 in New York boasts a median home price of $4,212,447, yet despite its urban nature, residents in this locale prefer the Jeep Wrangler as their choice of wheels.


9. Portola Valley, California — Tesla Model S

Portola Valley, California, post code 94028, has a median home price of $4,339,923. Not surprisingly, Portola residents have a penchant for Tesla’s Model S sedan — Portola Valley sits less than 45 minutes or so away from Tesla’s native Fremont.


8. Alpine, New Jersey — Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Residents of Alpine, New Jersey — zip code 07620 — seem to favor Mercedes’s entry-level C Class sedan even though the median home price in the region hovers around $4,481,964.


7. New York, New York – Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Another New York City zip code, 10013, trades in the rugged Wrangler for the luxurious and voluminous Mercedes GL Class, the company’s largest SUV. Homes in 10013 fall at a median price of $4,619,761.


6. New York, New York – Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Adjacent to New York’s 10013 locale, zip code 10014 appears to have very similar taste in cars, as the GL Class was the most-registered car in this neighborhood, as well. However, homes here may cost slightly more — the median price is $4,628,782.


5. Sagaponack, New York — Jeep Wrangler

The residents of Sagaponack (11962), like those in post code 10012, tend to opt for Jeep’s rugged off-roader. While the Jeep starts just more than $20,000, the median home will run around $4,790,769.


4. Belvedere, California — Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Unlike their California brethren who go for the Tesla, the residents of Belvedere, zip code 94920, shoot for the Mercedes E-Class, the company’s midsize sedan offering. The median home price in Belvedere is $4,807,885.


3. New York, New York — Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

New Yorkers really seem to like their Jeeps. And Mercedes SUVs. New York zip 10065 can’t seem to make up its mind on which of the two it prefers more, so residents there have both — the Jeep Grand Cherokee (a more refined option than the Wrangler), and the GL Class share the top slot for most registrations; the median home price in the area is $4,860,494.

Tesla Model S Napa Valley

2. Los Altos Hills, California — Tesla Model S

Back on the West Coast, the Tesla Model S remains king — that is, at least in Los Altos Hills (94022), where the median home ticket will run $5,404,692.

Tesla Model S I

1. Atherton, California — Tesla Model S

Finally, in the wealthiest zip code in the United States — sporting a median home price of a whopping $6,665,231 — Atherton, California, zip code 94027, claims the Tesla Model S as the most popular new car registration.

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